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This .rda file contains output from a two-sample call to calibrate_thresholds(). See the vignette titled "Two-sample randomized trial" for a description of the input parameters used, or run two_sample_cal_tbl$inputs to see a list of the original function inputs. For use in testing functions and in vignettes.




A list containing a

  1. a tibble 'res_summary' containing the posterior probability threshold (pp_threshold); the predictive probability threshold (ppp_threshold); the mean sample size under the null (mean_n0_null and mean_n1_null) and alternative (mean_n0_alt and mean_n1_alt) response rates; the proportion of positive trials under the null (prop_pos_null) and alternative (prop_pos_alt) response rates; and the proportion of trials stopped under the null (prop_stopped_null) and alternative (prop_stopped_alt) response rates.

  2. 'call_list' containing the original function call

  3. 'inputs' a list containing the inputs to the original function call